Monday, September 30, 2013

Sokcho Day 2

I've got the iPad set to local time and it always reminds me that we lost a day flying west.  It's October 1st here, but back home it is still September.  We sent the two girls from our host family off to school today in their uniforms with Oregon key chains that illustrate where we live.  Hard to understand what we each understand with our very scattered Korean and their slightly less scattered English.  The word of the day is tsogun or sogun, for towel, having mastered "hello" and "thank you."  I don't know if it would be polite to ask what the word is for leech...

Resident Kid thinks it's funny when I end up in a bowing contest with someone for lack of anything else to say but hello and thank you...

Sokcho 2013

Took the slow van from Seoul to Sokcho - scary slow -the driver would go 40 in the fast lane on a 60 mph highway.  Then he'd slow down even more when he got a phone call.   But the drive was worth it with Ruth and Boaz's (their English names) home at the end of the little paved trails through the rice paddies.  

A little walk yielded a beautiful heron taking off and a close up of some local invertebrates...I was looking at what I first thought was a worm on wet pavement..."Why did the leech cross the road?"

Anyway, it didn't affect our appetite for the amazing spread that Ruth and her friends put together for the huge crew.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Seoul 2013

Headed to Seoul this year to take Resident Kid and Resident Spouse to the World Horse Archery Federation championship. Huge opportunity to see another part of the world that I wouldn't normally have chosen.  First night spent at the Hotel Sky, first morning spent groaning from sore muscles and the total head crushing caffeine withdrawal headache.  First meal was a cool local barbecue joint where the customers are trusted with piping hot charcoal in the middle of the tables to use for cooking.