Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sokcho not in the cloud

Been in a bit of internet limbo now that we've moved to the condos where all the competitors are staying. The internet cafe gets me online for about a dollar for 30 minutes but the stinking browsers are all in Korean with no options for translation. Oy! Even Google is in Korean...but I finally got logged into gmail and from there to here I am. Anyway, it's been a fantastic two days here. We got a little beach time, a little time in town, a little history time (the latter at a little town that has about the only original traditional architecture around because everything else was bombed flat during the Korean War). Apparently this little town was saved because it is nestled in a valley between a couple, three small ranges and nobody could see it to know to bomb it. The beach was nice - we were at a small pocket beach near town. This was different from some of the other beaches we've seen because there's no barbed wire blocking access. The watchtowers were in evidence though, apparently keeping an eye out for the stray North Korean invasion... Yesterday us non-archers stopped by the arena to check things out before going on our merry way and it's always so interesting to watch the people and horses, with each acting out in their own ways. There are times the machismo is as thick as the sticky rice we've gotten for lunch.