Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doppler - 2

Soon after Doppler decided to move in with us, we started making the rounds of the local animal shelter and the vets to see if anyone had left word they were missing him.  We dutifully left word of where to contact us in the event someone came looking and we all went home again.

Doppler himself gave us few clues about where he might have come from.  He wore a blue collar with no tags and nothing else attached but a few bits of wire and baling twine that looked like they'd been chewed through.  He was also scrawny and had some talents that indicated the scrawniness was no fault of his own.

As I'd mentioned previously, we were working at a friend's B&B.  One morning, there were leftover muffins to be had so I took them back to our apartment for a late breakfast.  Eric took his with whatever else was on the menu out to the living room while I had turned to fill my own plate and get a fork from the drawer.  When I turned back, my muffin was gone.

Feeling a little steamed, I went out to the living room and berated Eric for being a pig and taking all the muffins.  Picture the classic guy pose, mouth full, "What did I do?"  Pause.  "I didn't take your muffin."

Picture two heads turning slowly towards the quiet snarfing sounds from the other side of the coffee table where a scrawny dog was eating an orange chocolate chip muffin held gently between his front paws.  The nearest we could figure was that he, in complete silence, snagged the muffin off the counter (which had a top uncomfortably high for me to work at) and carried it into the living without either of us hearing or noticing what he was doing.

No one ever came calling to claim him.  Our best bet was that he was a Rainbow dog.  A Rainbow gathering had recently departed the nearby forest lands and we had quite the traffic moving through town for a while.   Eric says Doppler chewed through his baling twine lead and went off looking for adventure on his own.

And I was never that fond of orange chocolate chip muffins anyway.

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