Friday, March 12, 2010

Doppler 4

We weren't long in Doppler's finding place before we decided we needed to move to the Pacific Northwest.  My memory is vague in the regards, but at some point we met one of Eric's friends from the Peace Corps in the Eugene, Oregon area.  She was visiting a friend and we were in the area so we decided to meet up. 

We spent the day in Eugene and went to the Saturday market in town, admiring the wares and getting a variety of foodstuffs.  Most of which we were eating on the spot but we did pick up a half pound of fudge to offer to the gathering that evening.  About half of the fudge was chocolate espresso bean and the other was another chocolate variety, probably rocky road or some such, because, after all, fudge isn't fudge if it isn't basically chocolate.

We had a lovely dinner with our friends, new and old and twilight had fallen before we remembered the fudge in the truck.  So we wandered out to collect it and to see how Doppler was doing. 

Well, Doppler was very excited to see us and highly anxious to get out of the truck.  As he bounded out we discovered that he had eaten the entire half pound of fudge. 

Oh, crap.

Well, we had heard about dogs and chocolate, but didn't really know what to do about it at night in the middle of a rural area that we were really unfamiliar with.  So we took him for a walk as that's what he really seemed to want at that point.  So we walked up through an undeveloped subdivision that was thick with trees and Doppler was an absolute freaky whirling dervish so either he pulled himself out of his collar or we finally wanted to save our arm sockets and he was off the leash.  Not only off the leash but off like a rocket.  He tore down the road and was off into the darkening night in no time at all and we were left hoping that he would remember his name.  We walked the roads calling for him for quite a while before we finally gave up because the night was pitch black and we couldn't see a thing.  We decided to give up for the night and try looking for him in the morning. 

We headed back for the house and our truck thinking terrible thoughts about what might happen to a chocolate poisoned dog in the middle of the night.  We came around the side of the house and there was Doppler sitting very properly by the side of the truck.  He got up and stretched and wagged his tail very lazily as if to say, "What the heck took you guys so long?"

We opened the door and he jumped in and curled up on the seat.  Go figure.

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