Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stimulating the economy

So I am going through a significant adjustment right now.  After 17 months of unemployment I am back at work full time and transitioning to what that really entails for my life.  Unemployment was probably not the traumatic event for me as it has been for so many people in the world right now, and for that I am very grateful.  We were able to protect the family from most of the unpleasant effects of losing my income but there were a few nailbiting episodes.  It was, all in all, a period of exploration and discovery.  I found that I really am a terrible house spouse, but I love to write.  Now, going back to work, I love the fact that I have, once again, reinvented myself in a completely new field and I'm doing OK.

So the shakedown cruise continues.  I've had to shed a few of the activities I took on during my "other employment" period, and there are one or two other things that will have to go over the coming months, but I do hope that this little space in the ether will survive to blurp out little missives now and again.

Cheers, m'dears!

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