Sunday, March 13, 2011

On being busy

Some folks have told me that they don't understand how I can do all that I do.  I am busy, and I would be the first to admit that, especially at this particular point in time, I am too busy.  The busy-ness (perhaps this should be confused with business) seems to be cyclical in terms of coming to a head at about three or four times in the year.  Most of it coincides with the end of term at the local college, where I am NOT a teacher, and the other undertakings in my or my family members' lives. 

I think there are activities that will have to go come the end of this year.  I'll keep my favorites and jettison some dabblings and hope to simplify my life's schedule to a degree that approximates manageable.  But I think that having times like these, where I am overextended, makes me really examine what's important. Often, when I drift along comfortably, I don't question whether what I am doing is really important or worth doing.  There is also something to be said for that period of time where you are completely and utterly pressed for time that makes you value the moments of stillness.

Tonight I am going to a concert by Great Big Sea.  Yes, it's Sunday night and it has been a hell of a week replete with stressful work, choir concerts, dance performances, classes and lessons, but this concert tonight, while it will be loud and exhausting, is goof off time.  I don't have to perform, I don't have to produce, I get to go and enjoy.  So think about this the next time you are feeling stressed and overtaxed - perhaps it is time to rant and roar!

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