Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hope amongst the haggis

I encountered a nice fellow at the celtic society festival this summer who was giving out samples of haggis to try and, after trying it, I thought it was pretty good. (I suppose I should preface my story by saying that I was raised eating liverwurst and actually enjoying it.)  I bought two cans: one was beef based, the other, lamb. Not too long after the festival I made a nice breakfast hash using the beef version* with potatoes, onions and home grown eggs. I thought it was pretty darn tasty - scotch/swedish hubby ate it and declared it tasty as well. Resident 10-year old objected to the frog eggs (barley) and the taste (strong liver). Left large pile of said frog eggs on the plate and picked out all the potatoes and eggs. The precision was amazing.

Today, a couple months later, I made the second haggis hash, the lamb version**. Resident 10-year old walks in the kitchen, points at the frog eggs and says, "I don't like that stuff." Pause. "Much." I said, "This is lamb, the other was beef." Small glimmer of hope springs in a mom's heart.

As I serve up the glop I put a tiny portion of frog eggs on said 10-year old's plate. Didn't bother mixing it into the potatoes. As she walked away, she declared, "This is better than the other stuff." The little glimmer of hope becomes a small flame, like a candle. Braunschweiger, here we come!

Hubby snarfs his breakfast down and declares, "I like this one much better."

Resident 10-year old leaves the pile of frog eggs on the plate and disappears to hide peanuts in the tree for the resident squirrel to find.

Hope is extinguished, spiraling wistfully towards the ceiling.

Caledonian Kitchen Haggis With Sirloin Beef, 14.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 3)
** Caledonian Kitchen Haggis With Lamb, 14.5-Ounce Cans (Pack of 3)

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