Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gustatory delights of a different color

I took myself, via an excuse to buy a book for a young reader in my life, on a trip down memory lane this winter.  This is a purchase that I was very sorry to have to make because it meant that I have somewhere, somewhen during one of my many moves, lost track of a boxful of highly significant books.  These were probably only highly significant to me, but I, now that the internet makes such searching easy, have been sorry to realize that some may not be replaceable, at least in the form of which I was so fond.  But I digress.

This winter I bought a new copy of "The Magic Pudding,"* which was written and illustrated by Norman Lindsay.  This is the book that threw me for a loop about becoming an author as a child because it set a gold standard for me.  Not only does the book have an outrageous premise and outstanding characters, but the characters are fully animated right there on the page by the author himself.   Who could hope to compete with that? 

Well, my "I'm not worthy!" moment passed, although I am still hesitant to venture into the world of children's literature, and I sit here writing to the ether about how much I still chuckle over this book.

Have fun!

If you do order from Amazon, be aware that there is at least one softcover version that links to the New York Review Children's Collection edition when you click on the link to "Look inside."  The softcover version of the book is missing half the content, in other words there are no (ZERO) illustrations and it is cheap, cheap, CHEAP.

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