Tuesday, November 16, 2010

For mental consumption only

Long being an aficionado of the obscure word and terminology that is not totally trendy in a twitterpated kind of way, I was delighted recently to get a sales flyer in the mail.  "Huh?" would be an apt reaction, but this is a sales flyer to which I actually look forward.  (How many of you want to put an extra "to" at the end of that sentence?)

Normally, sales pitches leave me cold.  They are so banal with their overuse of succinct, terse, compact phraseology; "20% off!" is a typical offering along with a coupon and its little dotted line border.  But no, my favorite flyer contains no coupons, no short-winded exhortations of extra extravagance despite the puny prices proffered.  This flyer feeds the mind while tempting you with tasty morsels.  Where else can you find a sales flyer that talks about dimidiated turkeys or the divine trine of butter, crème fraîche and garlic, all paired with a hydrodaktulopsychicharmonica?  Not your typical big chain store, but Trader Joe's, that haven of modern and former yuppies and puppies alike.  Take a gander at the flyer, with dictionary handy, and enjoy the brain candy.

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