Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Name is Sherlock

I don't watch much TV - who's got the time?  But I have to say that the new Masterpiece Theatre version of Sherlock Holmes has snagged me.  Masterpiece has always been difficult for me to fit into the schedule because of it airing on Sunday nights at 9:00pm, right when we need to be getting to bed, prepping for the coming school day, etc., etc... and so we've been watching the show on at a much more convenient time. (If you've not been watching, you can catch up online, but only for a limited time.)   Resident Kid really enjoys it, although there's a fair amount of squirming going on during the suspenseful parts and so I would say perhaps PG-13 is an appropriate rating (Kid being somewhat younger but very much into action flicks and particularly fond of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings trilogy.)

Anyway, the acting is first rate, the dialog snappy, and the stories full of all the twists and turns you want.


  1. I've heard many a good review on this show. Must check it out. Not this Sunday...nor the next. Crap!

  2. That's why I love watching online - I can be queen and make my own schedule ;-)